European Cyber Agora

European Cyber Agora

Event / 2-3 Jun 2021 / Online

We are pleased to join the European Cyber Agora initiative, a new inclusive multistakeholder initiative for a digital Europe, organized by Microsoft from 2 to 3 June as a virtual event.

Senior Fellow Dennis Broeders will be hosting a workshop on the topic "Digital sovereignty and strategic autonomy: what room for a democratic narrative?":

Although liberal states see the principle of sovereignty as foundational to the international order, they have not engaged with the notion of digital sovereignty in the international debate about cyberspace, given their emphasis on the merits of the internet as a global and open network. However, they have now come to the point where they have to engage with the issue of digital sovereignty and the notion of strategic autonomy at the EU level. Considerations of economic security, the role of disinformation and geopolitical tensions lead liberal states into debates about ‘information security’ and ‘digital sovereignty’, traditionally championed by Russia and China. How can the EU and its member states construct a democratic narrative on digital sovereignty that marries the anchor of freedom with the need to protect national interests?

For more information and the other workshops and partners, please visit the European Cyber Agora website.