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2nd Edition of the Big Cyber Ideas Festival

2nd Edition of the Big Cyber Ideas Festival

Conference / 21-23 Sep 2021 / Online

From 21-23 September 2021, the second edition of the Big Cyber Ideas Festival will take place. The festival is an online event exploring key questions for cyber security and digital policy in Europe.

The festival organizers are hosting three sessions across three days for practitioners, researchers, and the interested public, bringing together academic, government, and private sector experts to catalyze wide-reaching conversations on key policy developments.

Postdoctoral researcher Monica Kaminska and Associate Fellow James Shires will be moderating a panel on the third day on "Global Perspectives on European Cyber Policy", with speakers Jinghua Lyu (Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue, China), Pavel Shakirov (Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia), Pouria Askary (ATU, Islamic Azad University and Tarbiat Modarres University, Iran), and Arindrajit Basu (Centre for Internet&Society, India).

More information and how to register can be found on their website.


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