Russell Buchan's Visiting Fellowship

Russell Buchan's Visiting Fellowship

Visiting Fellowship Program / 18 Sep 2019

This month, Russell Buchan joined us for a Visiting Fellowship at The Hague Program for Cyber Norms at Leiden University's The Hague Campus. We sat down with him to hear about his fellowship experience.

Lucas Kello is Associate Professor of International Relations, serves as Director of the Centre for Technology and Global Affairs, and is also co-Director of the interdisciplinary Centre for Doctoral Training in Cyber Security at the Department of Computer Science at University of Oxford.

Duncan Hollis is the Laura H. Carnell Professor of Law at Temple Law School, Temple University. He is an elected member of the American Law Institute.

Bibi van den Berg is Professor of Cybersecurity Governance within the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs at the Institute of Security and Global Affairs.

Why where you interested in coming here?

Through the publications of its members and its annual conference, over the past couple of years The Hague Program for Cyber Norms has built a reputation as a world-leading institution for research into how actors should conduct themselves in cyberspace. I was therefore looking for a good opportunity to interact with Program and, after hearing great things about the Program from colleagues and friends such as Kubo Mačak and Barrie Sanders (who have previously undertaken Fellowships at the Program), I jumped at the chance to apply for a visiting Fellowship and I was delighted when I learnt my application had been successful. I wasn’t to be disappointed - I found the Program to be warm and welcoming and it provides a stimulating intellectual environment in which to pursue cyber security research. In particular, I appreciated the multidisciplinary approach the Program takes to its research, with members studying cyber security from the perspective of political science, international relations, philosophy and law.

What did you work on during your fellowship?

While at the Program, I worked on an article entitled ‘Industrial Cyber Espionage and International Law’, which I have been asked to write for a world affairs journal based in the US. I can’t believe how much I was able to do in a month! Free from the pressures of teaching and administration, combined with the productive and energetic environment engendered by the Program, I was able to compile a good first draft of the article. I am happy with the article and with the feedback I got when I presented it to the Program, and I look forward to polishing it into shape over the next couple of months and (at some point in the near future!) seeing it in print.

What’s next for you?

Back to my day job - teaching, administration, and hopefully a bit of research, all at the University of Sheffield in the UK. I hope to maintain close links with the Program. It is an innovative and ambitious centre and I wish it the best of luck for the future.

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