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Dennis Broeders in Cyber Norms panel at ECP's annual conference

Dennis Broeders in Cyber Norms panel at ECP's annual conference

Conference / 14 Nov 19 / The Hague

On Thursday 14 November 2019, Senior Fellow Dennis Broeders is presenting during a panel on cyber norms at ECP's annual conference.

The panel on cyber norms will discuss whether cyber norms are the answer to regulate state threats, and how cyber norms could anchor the balance of security and freedom on an international level in cybersecurity governance. The session is organized by NL INF, and in addition to Dennis Broeders, the following speakers also take part in the panel: Frank Groenewegen, Chief Security Expert at Fox-IT, Timo S. Koster, Ambassador-at-large for Security Policy and Cyber at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Sico van der Meer, Research Fellow at the Clingendael Institute.

The panel is part of the ECP annual conference, which focuses this year on the future of the information society. ECP is an independent and neutral platform in the Netherlands for government, research, industry, education and civil society to work together in public-private partnerships and/or exchange knowledge about a responsible way to shape our increasingly digital society.


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