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Freedom AND Security | Conference Report Published by Europol

Freedom AND Security | Conference Report Published by Europol

Conference report / 28 Jan 2019

On 22 November 2018, Els De Busser spoke at a panel during the conference "Freedom AND Security: Killing the Zero Sum Process". A summary report of the entire conference was published by Europol on 28 January 2019, coinciding with Data Protection Day.

The conference focused on looking beyond a zero-sum view of 'freedom vs. security', and instead talk about 'freedom and security'. Els De Busser joined the panel 'Data as the New Oil? Risks and Opportunity for Citizens and Law Enforcement' (covered on pp. 11-12 in the report):

“While security means being free from intentionally caused harm, safety means being free from unintentional accidents. For a conversation on the relationship between privacy and security to be complete, it needs to include considerations on safety.” - Els De Busser

The entire report can be downloaded as a PDF on the Europol website.


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