The Hague Program for Cyber Norms continues as The Hague Program on International Cyber Security from 2022 onwards.
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Monica Kaminska

Post-doctoral researcher

Monica Kaminska is a post-doctoral researcher at the Institute of Security and Global Affairs at Leiden University.

Monica Kaminska is a postdoctoral researcher at The Hague Program for Cyber Norms at Leiden University – Institute of Security and Global Affairs. She holds a PhD in Cyber Security from the University of Oxford, an MPhil in Geographical Research from the University of Cambridge, and a BSc in International Relations from the London School of Economics. Monica’s research examines international cyber conflict, particularly states’ responses to hostile cyber operations.

Previously, at Oxford, Monica was a Research Affiliate at the Centre for Technology and Global Affairs, where she coordinated the work of the Cyber Studies Programme, and served as an expert contributor for Oxford Analytica. Outside of her academic work, Monica has a strong interest in malware research and cybersecurity threat intelligence. She tweets at @monica_kaminska.



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